We care about football.

But we care about people more.

We’re going to work hard to make you a better footballer. But we’re going to work harder to help you become a better person. Our intensive Football and Leadership Programs offered to our Football Academy students include 4 football sessions and 1 leadership session per week, within the school curriculum.

The South Coast Baptist College Football Program is built on three pillars:


Quality private school education


Tailored leadership development program


Develop players to become elite footballers.

All pillars are underpinned by humility and service.


stephen posthuma

Director of Football

"I have an unwavering passion for guiding young players to become footballers of integrity."

"As Director of Football, I take seriously our duty of care to promote leadership principles that guide and shape character so the student is ready for excellence in life. We’re privileged to have coaching delivered by a team of experienced professionals that will provide the platform to succeed as we continue to attract quality players."

"We love the SCBC Football Program. Not only do they get trained to be more skillful players but they also learn how to look after their bodies, through healthy eating lessons and physio exercises. The other aspect is not forgotten through lessons in character building. We love the fact that all those aspects are taught and not just football."  - Lenie and Rob Henderer