We find talented players and develop them to become elite footballers. 

Players commence an elite performance continuum, on a pathway that may lead to them becoming a professional player. 

Practically, this is delivered in 4 football sessions and 1 leadership session per week, within the school curriculum, in the following phases:

Years 3 to 7 Skill Acquisition Phase

The foundation of the Skill Acquisition Phase is built upon:

  • The coach focusing extensively on providing a solid foundation of technical skill.
  • If the player does not gain this skill foundation during this phase it will be very difficult to make up later.
  • No amount of fitness or competitive spirit will ever compensate for deficiencies in functional game skills.

At this age the children are ready for a more structured approach to training. In every theme based session, the focus is on one of the core skills, from the beginning until the end of the session. 

Years 8 to 11 Game Training Phase

The Game Training Phase has two main objectives:

  • Preparing players for senior football by teaching them to apply functional game skills in a team setting using 1-4-3-3 as the preferred formation
  • Developing tactical awareness, perception and decision-making through a game-related approach to training.

Year 12 Performance Phase

In the performance phase, the main focus for the coach should be to:

  • Prepare teams for a competitive environment where winning has become the main aim
  • Train to focus on solving football problems, based on match analysis
  • Integrate FOOTBALL CONDITIONING as a key part of the program

"The best part of the Football Program is watching our daughter apply the tools she develops through the program to real life"
Cindy & Charlie Wainwright